Trend: wood flooring as wall covering

Although there are wood products specifically designed to cover walls, it is entirely possible to use wood floor strips to beautify a wall space.

And a wall like this offers a look that’s nothing like the wood paneling in your grandparents’ basement in the 1970s! Instead, this trend – very much of its time – competes with imagination to create truly unique living areas that reflect the tastes and style of the occupants. And it’s all done with a contemporary twist!

The 4 main qualities of a wood floor wall

Wood floors on walls are both beautiful and useful!

First, they are easy to maintain (a damp cloth is all it takes to remove dirt).

– Secondly, this material is durable: time has no effect on it since it will not be trampled. However, discoloration from sunlight may occur.

– Third, the wood slat wall can be used as a sound insulator when installed with a layer of “subfloor”.

– And finally, a wood wall does not go unnoticed! This focal point will certainly appeal to a majority of people, thanks to its authentic, warm and playful aspect.

What types of decorations suit this trend?

Since wood is a noble material that lends itself to all styles, this trend can be adjusted to any type of decor. In fact, a modern and uncluttered Scandinavian room will find a timeless complement in the warmth of wood, just as a farmhouse kitchen will be embellished by its natural and rustic look.

Because of its sobriety, a wood wall is also easily customizable.  Like a traditional wall, you can attach wall decorations, such as frames and mirrors. This makes it easy to add an original touch.

Where to make it?

The wall behind the bed in a bedroom is often used as a focal point. Installing wood is a great option, especially since it is usually a rectangular space where it will be simple to attach the slats.

However, the wooden wall can find its place in any room of the house.  It can be used to frame the den in the family room, to highlight the sectional in the living room, or to add dynamism to the entryway. You can even use floorboards in wet areas such as the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room. However, check with your dealer to make sure it is water-resistant.

What kind of floor covering should you use?

One of the advantages of this wall covering is that you don’t have to choose a very high quality floor. Since the slats won’t wear out, you don’t have to choose a very strong product. Therefore, floating floors are the best choice.

Otherwise, don’t hesitate to turn to real wood. If you choose this natural material, you will benefit from the same advantages as for a floor, including the possibility of staining and varnishing it to change the atmosphere without having to remove it.

Tip: since you won’t need a large quantity, store around for end-of-line products to reduce the cost of your purchase.

How do I install it?

The best way to ensure a flawless installation is to have it done by a professional. However, if you’re handy enough, you can do it yourself. There are many tutorials available on the Internet to help you complete all the necessary steps.

In general, the floor on the wall will follow some of the steps of a traditional floor installation:

1. Leave the boards out of the box for up to 72 hours before installation in the room where they will be located so that they can adjust to the humidity level and temperature.

2. Place the first batten in a corner at the bottom of the wall, “male” side up. Then follow with a “female” board. And so on.

3. Fasten each board with the nailer at a diagonal angle. For added strength, glue every fourth row with silicone.

Decorating tips

– For even more personality, consider installing vertically or with a pattern, such as chevrons.

– The wood wall does not have to be mounted from floor to ceiling. A frame on the wall will also create an interesting look.

– Using the same floor covering from the floor to the wall gives a grand effect and a great look. A chic and current look is guaranteed, especially when placed this way in a hallway.

Finally, the key word is: have fun! For installation tips or to choose the right wood slats to create your wall, visit a Déco Surfaces dealer.