Tips for creating a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom

Does your bathroom need a makeover? Why not opt for a complete transformation inspired by the most beautiful spa centers in the world?

The spa trend has been in vogue for a few years now and doesn’t seem to be dying out any time soon! Here are a few ways to introduce it into your bathroom design.


First and foremost, to make this project a success, you have to think about the atmosphere you want. Fortunately, there are many tips that will not break the bank and will have a strong effect and contribute to the success of your design. The eyes, nose and ears must feel the atmosphere!

First and foremost, consider installing a variety of light sources that you can dim rather than a single light bulb on the ceiling.

– Essential oil diffusers or scented candles are also appropriate. To be expected: they will need shelves or other bases.

– Finally, think about integrating speakers and all the necessary hardware into the walls so that you can eventually listen to a calming playlist in your bathroom: Zen instrumental pieces, bird songs or whale laments.


This is your chance to discover new ones! Wood, glass or pebbles are typical of spa facilities. You can use them for the floor, walls, ceiling, counter or sink. For example, by installing a wood floor on the wall.

Also, an often overlooked material that could play a big role in your project is tongue-in-groove cedar planks! They are easy to use and are an elegant replacement for gypsum and save you all the sanding and painting that goes into finishing walls and ceilings.

For a sauna-like look, a white, black or gray floor can contrast well with the walls. Think ceramic, cork… or even concrete! In order to keep your feet from getting chilly, integrate a heating system or choose a vinyl that imitates concrete.

If you’re lucky enough to have a window, consider replacing the curtains with a high privacy frosted sticker. Otherwise, full-wall sheers will create a soft visual impact. You’ll be able to enjoy the natural light while being safe from the jealous eyes of the neighbors!

Plants, shells, small pots with sand in them are all different ways to incorporate nature into your decor. Think about it beforehand, because you will need places to put them. For example, a plant will need to be located where there is the most natural light. Leave that space open in your planning.
On the accessory side, this may be where spa inspiration is so easy to get right…or wrong. You’ll want to focus on:
– White towels, ideally rolled
– Natural sponges.
– Quality beauty products or chic containers to hold them.
– Easily accessible bathrobes in harmonious colors.
Plan to keep this Zen-like room clean and organized! The success of your new look will depend on the care you give it. For a peaceful look, nothing should be left lying around. This is essential! So plan a discreet place to hide unsightly cleaning products and storage for towels, clean and dirty.


If you’re replacing the bath, shower, toilet or sink, you’ll need to do a little shopping to find spa-friendly products in your price range. For example, Japanese toilets are famous, but they can be expensive! Avoid baths and showers that use molded plastics and are reminiscent of a motel room! Consider freestanding tubs instead.


Finally, to properly lounge, you may need generous bath mats (or even a large, cozy rug if space permits), pillows designed specifically to fit the contours of the tub, and other comforting touches in your decor. We’re thinking of framing souvenir photos of travels, which will bring you back to those moments of well-being when your eyes cross them.

The spa effect in your bathroom doesn’t have to be a exact copy of what the industry offers, feel free to personalize it. Above all, YOU must feel good about it! Bring pictures to a Deco Surfaces store and ask the experts for advice.