Mid century decorating trend: our ideas to transform your home

The mid century decorating trend has been in full swing for about two years. Inspired by the 1950s, there’s something comforting, elegant and playful about this decorating style. Does it inspire you? Here are a few ideas for your home.

Plancher de bois chevron de couleur marron clair

Wood and chevron make a statement

Wood flooring is perfect in a mid-century setting because of its timelessness. To further infuse this time period, placing the wood slats in a chevron position is a great idea. This adds dynamism and a linear notion, which fits well with the mid century trend.

Curly wool makes its entrance

A new texture has recently made its appearance: curly wool. Delicate and often beige or cream in color, it covers armchairs, sofas and poufs. This soft and warm texture gives them a little something retro and welcoming. Some rugs are even made from this fluffy wool: a joy for the feet!

Long live wood-effect ceramic walls

There was a time when the basements of new homes had dark wood slat walls. Today, the effect is less cheerful, but you can take inspiration from it by incorporating wood sparingly. To achieve the mid-century effect, make a wood-effect ceramic frame behind your TV or cover your mantel with it. It’s sure to be beautiful!

Décoration intérieur avec porcelaine et mur en céramique effet bois

Vintage lamp

Who says 50’s says spherical lighting with a straight base. The stores have several models inspired by this time period. On a stand, on a table or suspended, these lights all have one thing in common: they are warm and playful.

Focus on earth tone rugs or carpets

For a cozy, enveloping atmosphere, small rugs or area rugs are the way to go. In a retro mid-century inspired decor, choose natural earthy tones such as beige, cream and brown.

Salon avec carpette de couleur beige style terre

An abundance of gold and copper

The mid century also welcomes copper and gold metals in its movement. For example, we can incorporate furniture whose legs are made of these materials. Copper and gold will also be seen in the base of a lamp, the structure of a light fixture, the shell of a side table or even in a stylized accessory placed on a decorative shelf.

Salle à manger avec meuble teinte cuivrée

A discreet wood floor

For the flooring, prefer a discreet and natural look. For example, a raw wood without varnish. If you opt for a varnish, the matte finish will be more in harmony with the desired style. Whether you choose hardwood or laminate, brown, beige or honey colors are preferred. If you want a more resistant floor, wood effect vinyl is also perfect.

Angled base

The angled base, that is to say when three legs of a piece of furniture start from the center and go away symmetrically in the opposite direction, is typical of the mid century. Sofa, chair, sideboard, table, bookcase: no matter which piece of furniture is integrated into the room, if it has angled legs, it will be in the tone!

Décoration de salon avec un style effet béton

Ceramic or vinyl for a concrete effect

Because of its raw character, concrete is a material that blends well with this type of décor. However, it should be paired with warm elements such as leather and wood, or friendly accessories like dark velvet cushions, otherwise the effect could be contemporary. You don’t have to use real concrete to create the desired effect. Its imitations, in the form of vinyl or ceramic, will be just as pleasing to the eye, on the floor or on the walls.

Adding vintage elements

One last tip to help you bring the 1950s back to life in your home is to incorporate retro items from that era. This can be vinyl records on the wall as decoration, bar benches with an old-fashioned look, fabrics that are reminiscent of the mid century, etc. To create an immediate impact in a room, you can stick a wallpaper with patterns and colors of the era, for example, which displays orange shapes or powder blue lines.

Lacking ideas for designing mid century style in your home? Find out more inspirations or visit a Deco Surfaces store and get inspired!