Cooling the house without air conditioning

Fresher decor

1. A plant oasis at home

Green plants are in style in contemporary settings. That’s good, because they have anti-warmth properties. Look for tropical plants that absorb humidity, they will keep your rooms crisp and fresh.

Tempérez votre pièce en intégrant des plantes tropicales

2. Blinds and curtains: closed

When the sun is shining, it is tempting to let the rays in. It is true that all this vitamin D is beneficial! On the other hand, UV in the windows means greenhouse effect (which is very dreadful!). It will therefore be necessary to close the curtains and blinds as much as possible to prevent the thermometer from rising. To get outside air in, leave the window opened a little. Did you know that there are heat blinds that repel UV rays? Come to the store to discover our wide selection!

3. Adapt the rooms for the summer heat

Have you ever thought about changing your decor slightly according to the seasons? If you have a room that contains a lot of warm textures such as wool, fake fur, thick throws, flannel bedding, solid cushions and velvet curtains, it will be warmer in this one. Replace these accessories with lighter items made of cotton, silk or short bristles. And if you go into the big renovations while painting, be aware that lighter colours keep the heat away. For example, swapping a darker colored rug for a lighter color will attract less heat.

Stay away from heat sources

4. Create your own chilly breeze

Here’s a proven grandmother’s tip. Freeze dozens of ice cubes and place them in a waterproof bag or in a wet cloth bag that you can hang up high (for example, using a hook on the ceiling). Then connect a fan behind it: when in contact with frozen water, the air will cool down. Sit close by to make the most of the artificial breeze. Psst! To avoid causing damage during melting, it is better to place a tray underneath.

Créez une brise fraîche artificielle avec des glaçons et un ventilateur

5. Homemade light reflectors

Even if the curtains and blinds are closed, are you suffocating indoors? Why not install light reflectors? Some people use products for car windshields. It is also easy to make them yourself using aluminium foil on large cardboard boxes.

6. Shutting down the screens

Westerners spend many hours in front of TV, computers, tablets and smartphones. The heat wave is the perfect excuse to force the family to shut down the screens. Indeed, all electrical appliances produce heat and raise the temperature. Instead, include board games, card games and good discussions. For greater impact, also disconnect the lights.

En canicule, éviter les appareils électroniques qui émettent de la chaleur

7. Delivery, takeout or BBQ?

During heatwaves, the oven is an enemy! It’s better to sulk if you don’t want to fry! Outdoor cooking appliances are therefore ideal. But if you don’t have one, there are other solutions. Some will take the opportunity to order from the restaurant while others will opt for non-cooked dishes such as salads or sandwiches.

It is true that nothing can replace an air conditioner, but thse few tips will probably allow you to “survive” on hot days. Best of luck!