8 ideas to decorate a home office

Everyone can benefit from a beautiful home office space. Whether it’s for telecommuting, homework, reading or craft projects, this area can also be functional and stylish.

From the floor, to the ceiling, to the furniture and decorative accessories, there are plenty of ways to design your office, whether it’s an entire room or a corner in an existing room. Here are some ideas!

1. Create an accent wall

Whether it’s wallpaper with oversized prints or a gallery wall with your favorite photos and artwork, a focal point should put a smile on your face as you enter the room.

Wallpaper is also a great idea for creating vibrancy. Make sure it’s custom or with shades and patterns that look like you, so you can make this workspace totally your own.

2. Think of a corner for your furry friend

Dog or cat owner? Does your pet have a dedicated space in the office? This can be a great project to do so that neither of you feel lonely during the long work days.

To integrate this corner harmoniously, think of elements that do not contrast with the rest of the decor. For example, if your office furniture is made of white wood, install a dog house or hammock in the same noble material.

An idea to define the dog or cat area: with wood floorboardscreate a miniature terrace on the floor covering and continue it on a portion of the wall. Install a cushion for the comfort of kitty and doggie and you’re done!

3. Add texture

Under the work chair, protect your floor covering with a rug. To add a little personality and interest to the room, choose one with patterns and colors, instead of one that is too commercial. Not only will your floor last longer, but your feet will thank you for that touch of comfort.

Also, hang beautiful curtains on your windows. Not only do they provide privacy, but they also allow you to incorporate color and life. A Roman style blind would be a great choice for more modern and sleek decor.

4. Define the space

No room for a dedicated work room? Consider separating the office space from the rest of the room. For example, if you have an empty corner in the kitchen, you could add a small rug on the ceramic floor.

You can then simply attach a retractable shelf to the wall to create the work surface. Store paperwork and a laptop in a cabinet so that it doesn’t clutter up the view when work is done for the day.

To define an office area in any other room, consider installing wall covering, whether it’s wallpaperwood slats or ceramic tile. Then place your furniture in front of that wall.

5. Dare to be creative

A giant canvas will make a big impact in a minimalist space. Prefer a traditional style? Use a new fabric-covered ottoman for a more attractive footrest.

At the back of the bookcase, use self-adhesive vinyl tiles or real porcelain tiles. The patterns and colors will be noticeable behind books, decorative objects and office equipment, but it will be more discreet than a whole wall of wallpaper.

Have you thought about creating a “wow” effect with an old piece of furniture? A faded desk or work table, whether it’s found at a yard sale or has been in the family for generations, could look great with a coat of bright paint.

In need of storage? Make a desk out of two dressers and a large wooden board. You’ll love the drawers on each side to keep all your stuff organized.

6. Experiment with color (or lack thereof)

An all-white, wood-toned room doesn’t have to be boring! Mix and match different styles and textures to bring life to this minimalist space. Another way to experiment with color is to go monochromatic, but in multiple shades. For example, paint the walls light blue, with a navy blue work table and turquoise decorative items. 

7. Maximize light and nature

To increase natural light, nothing beats a large mirror! Put it behind the desk for a chic and surprising look. Don’t want to look at your reflection all day? Then place it on an adjacent wall and make sure it catches the light coming from the window. A discreet white sheer curtain can also be a great natural light diffuser.

Also, don’t forget to add some colorful plants or flowers for an invigorated space! Green plants will also clean the air and increase the oxygen level… enough to get your brain working!

8. All in comfort

You have a large room? Take advantage of this by adding a sofa or comfortable armchairs. In addition to being a pleasant place to read your documents or to take a call, you will be able to receive visits from clients, family members or your pets, if you like!

With telecommuting opportunities becoming more and more common, you deserve an office space on your property that lives up to your expectations. Sitting at the kitchen table or in the chaotic basement is certainly not ideal. Have a great setup!