7 reasons to choose a vinyl floor covering

When it comes to floor coverings, vinyl has been a popular choice for many years. Numerous features are making it a proper choice for residential or commercial projects.

A simple and advantageous flooring


The manufacturing process of vinyl flooring enables the reproduction of just about any surfaces. Technological advances now allow printing that perfectly imitates the appearance and texture of natural elements such as stone, wood and slate. The modular formats of vinyl tiles and planks permits the creation of unique personalised styles.

Simple installation

Previously available only in rolls of large sheets, this type of flooring has improved a lot over the years and is now available in more practical, much easier to install formats. Whether in rolls, tiles or planks, vinyl floor coverings can easily and quickly be installed in just about any room of the house. “Click” installation systems make it particularly simple to put in place and avoids the need for glue or other products during the installation of the vinyl floor.

An undeniable practicle aspect

Long-lasting and easy to repair

To provide maximum durability, vinyl flooring is composed of several layers usually including a urethane wear layer for maximum scratch resistance. If damaged, tiles and planks can normally be easily replaced. It is therefore recommended to keep a few spare tiles to that purpose.

Water resistant

Vinyl flooring offers a very high resistance to humidity, making it a material of choice for rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom and basement.


As its production costs are lower, vinyl is generally a more affordable option than natural materials, which can be quite convincingly reproduced in vinyl planks or tiles.

We can appreciate it daily

Low maintenance

Vinyl floors are very easy to clean. A quick sweep or vacuuming is sufficient for the regular maintenance of your floors. From time to time, mopping with warm water and mild detergent will give a more thorough cleaning.


Soft and warm, vinyl is comfortable for the feet and is warmer than natural surfaces such as wood or ceramic. In addition, it offers some sound insulation as it absorbs impact noise and sound.

All these benefits make vinyl flooring an option that will suit many projects. With many stores in Quebec, Ontario and New-Brunswick, Deco Surfaces experts can guide you to make the choice that will suit you best. Do not hesitate to contact your Deco Surfaces dealer for further advice and information.